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  • The following rules define American Home Title’s policy regarding access to the corporate network:


  1. Only authorized personnel can gain access to American Home Title networks. Positive identification is required for system usage. All users must have their identities positively identified with user-IDs and secure passwords in order to log into any American Home Title computer.
  2. User-IDs must each uniquely identify a single user. Each computer user-ID must uniquely identify only one user, so as to preserve individual accountability in system logs. Shared or group user-IDs are NOT permitted.
  3. All passwords must be kept locked on file in the manager’s office. Sharing of passwords and log on information is prohibited.
  4. Users must log off before leaving sensitive systems unattended. All employees when leaving their work station must log off of their system or lock the workstation, or invoke the password-protected screen saver. This is required for all employees.
  5. All Internet Web servers must be firewall protected.



American Home Title has a formal privacy and information security program that is appropriate for our size and complexity, nature and scope of our business and sensitivity of the information in American Home Titles possession.  American Home Title maintains a Privacy Policy Notice that is provided to customers at closing.

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